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02 February
RIP Video Game Publishers...
By admin / Post / February 2, 2016
With the recent funding of Friday the 13th: The Game, set to release on to PC later in 2016, the question is now ,“Are video game publishers obsolete?” More and more game developers are acting that way and are turning directly to their fans and players for support rather than the big name develo...Read More
15 January
Xbox One: Up or Out?...
By admin / Post / January 15, 2016
It’s no secret that Microsoft doesn’t really inspire many gamers allegiance the way a Mac vs Windows battle or an iPhone Vs Android confrontation would. Release the nerd rage. When it comes to the Xbox, gamers aren’t as die-hard devoted to their console of choice. This seems to be no more thro...Read More
24 December
The Top 5 PC Games of All Time...
By admin / Post / December 24, 2015
As a gamer, you usually find a lot of people leaning towards consoles now. This could be because of how limiting the PC has been in the past, forcing you to sit in front of it to play games. With the advent of the SteamBox, PC gaming could get a revival in popular gaming circles. … Read More
12 December
Fallout 4 Mods Keep Getting Weirder...
By admin / Post / December 12, 2015
With the release of the fantastically popular Fallout 4, there have been a number of unpredicted results. There seems to be a fresh number of women recently single due to their former partners now playing for hours on end. Check your Tinder, people. Nerds seem unable to choose whether to comment ...Read More
29 October
Halo 5: Guardians- A Review by a Non-Pla...
By admin / Post / October 29, 2015
I will admit this upfront. I enjoy gaming, but I haven’t played a console for a long time now. I know about Halo and enjoyed playing it when I was at a friend’s place, but I haven’t followed its iterations. Come with me as I attempt to review the game I haven’t played with a history and &h...Read More
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