Gamer Throne
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Feel The Effects.

The Gamer Throne gaming chair will be the first of its kind, utilizing patented technology that incorporates dynamic vibration into your gameplay. Sit in comfort and style, all while getting a one-of-a-kind immersize experience. Place me on the Pre-Order List

TremorFX Technology

The Gamer Throne uses patented TremorFX Technology that immerses you inside your favorite game. How does it work? The TremorFX processor sends three frequency-based signals to separate actuators within the chair. Based on 'events' occurring during gameplay, signals with low frequencies are sent to the seat actuator, while middle frequency 'events' are sent to the cushion actuator, and upper frequency 'events' are sent to the upper back actuator. Feel all the gunfire, spell castings, explosions, engine rumbles and other game events with real-time precision. Learn More about TremorFX

What platforms does it work with?

It was designed for PC gaming, but is fully compatible with all types of mobile devices, and simply plugs into your laptop, phone, or tablet. The Gamer Throne takes playing your favorite mobile games like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush to a whole new level!

You Designed it. We Built it.

Aside from the patented technology in the Gamer Throne, which you'll have to feel to believe, our chair was designed and is being built based off of what you (the gamer) wanted in the ultimate gaming chair. It is not a surprise then, that the design focus was on three critical characteristics: Comfort, Build Quality and Style.

The Gamer Throne will feature thick, quality single cut foam (not the cheap recycled, pressed foam) in the seat and back that sits on a durable, strong steel frame. In addition, the same care was taken in the removable head pillow and adjustable lumbar support cushion. Where it was feasible, steel and metal pieces were used instead of plastic for more durability such as in the base and casters.

PC Gaming Reimagined.

Currently, PC gaming is stimulating only two senses: sight and sound. For a time, console gaming was the same, until they began producing "rumble" controllers. This introduced a new stimulus modality into gaming that increased the overall user experience. But "rumble" controllers only engage through the hands, with the Gamer Throne; you're feeling an intuitive vibration from your legs and backside all the way up to shoulders. Now, you're being stimulated completely through three senses, making the experience more immersive, and you a more attentive gamer.

Because the vibration technology is processing sounds from the game real-time, and at different frequencies to separate locations of the chair, recognizable patterns begin to emerge as you play a game. What this means for the gamer is that you can recognize what events are happening, when they are happening, and how far away they are happening. Effectively, you are more aware of your surroundings, a distinct advantage for almost any type of game!
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